Vacation Watch Request

Vacation Watch is a service provided by the Blair Police Department. The Department will provide extra patrol to any residence within the city limits whose owner(s) will be gone a minimum of 3  days. Although no maximum number of days is set, a return date must be established. The service applies to vacation absences only, in which the home will be unoccupied.   No vacant home will be watched.  

Please complete the below form and submit to receive vacation watch. 

Please contact our office at 402-426-4747 with any questions or to cancel a previously submitted watch.  

Help prevent your house from becoming a target with these security tips:

                             Keep on interior lights                                                     Keep the lawn maintained

                             Don't make or socialize status updates                       Stop newspapers and mail 

                             Alert your alarm company                                              Leave on exterior lighting

                             Secure valuables                                                               Don't leave spare keys outdoors

                             Lock the garage door                                                      Check doors and windows

Vacation Watch Request Form




    Please complete form with requested information in request extra patrol around your residence while on vacation.  Please contact our office at 402-426-4747 with any questions or to cancel a submitted request.  

  3. NOTE

    If for some reason you do not leave on time or you return early, please notify us to have the vacation watch stopped so that law enforcement officers do not startle you during the checks.

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  7. Are there broken windows?*
  8. Were vehicles left in the driveway?*
  9. Will someone be checking on the residence?*
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