** Manufactured Homes **
Are manufactured homes allowed in city limits?

Manufactured homes are considered single-family dwellings under the City of Blair’s Zoning Ordinance and are allowed in any zoning district where single-family dwellings are permitted. However, some subdivisions are governed by covenants that may not permit manufactured homes. (MC Section 9-109)

Does the city have any other requirements regarding manufactured homes?

Yes, the city requires that manufactured homes have at least 900 square feet of floor area, at least an 18 foot exterior width, a roof pitch with a minimum vertical rise of 2.5 inches for each 12 inches of horizontal run, a non-reflective roof material, an exterior material similar to surrounding residences, roof eaves of at least 12 inches, meter service equipment permanently attached, and wheels, axles, transporting lights, and towing apparatus removed. (MC Section 9-110)

Can I add a garage to a manufactured home?

Additions and alterations are allowed on manufactured homes as long as they meet the requirements of Municipal Code Section 9-111, including an architect or engineers certification for additions affecting the home’s original roof. (MC Section 9-111)

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