Optimist Bike Rodeo

The Blair Police Department in cooperation with the Optimist's Club of Blair hosts a bicycle rodeo near the end of each school year. Officers of the Blair Police Department construct an obstacle course for young bicyclists and talk with them about bike and traffic safety.

bike rodeo

Bicycle Safety Items

Each year the Optimist's Club of Blair donates a large number of bike helmets and all riders are allowed to take one free of charge. There are also other bike safety items available, such as reflectors and repair kits, which have been donated by other organizations.

Bike Rodeo (3)Bike Registration

The Blair Police officers also take advantage of this event to register bikes. By doing so, you bicycle's serial number along with your name, address and telephone number are recorded at the Police Department. In the event your bicycle is lost or stolen, this information will make it much easier for the Department to return your bike to you.

The bike rodeo is a positive way in which the Department can interact with the youth of the community in a non-confrontational, educational and informal setting. The rodeo continues to be a positive experience for the Optimist's Club, the young people of Blair and the officers of the Blair Police Department.